Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vacuum Cleaners from the IED

Well after, some time im able to upload, and show you some of the stuff from the IED,

Finnaly i have something more decent to show.....haha lol

Those are the concepts for a Vacuum Cleaner, for the subject "design Project"with Paolo Cardini, from Design Gang, (Industrial design in Turin) http://www.designgang.net/ as the taecher, well i've presented, 3 concepts for my VC, and i'll show this time the other 2 that where rejected,":)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

From IED

Hey! After a long time, i'm able to upload, some stuff from the school, no big deal, but i wanted to upload something,

For example the concept of a Vacuum Cleaner,,, In progress by the way, coz i havent finished yet.

Ciao... From italy

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Electric Rod

Well guys after some time of inactivity i'm glad to report that i'm back and i will tell about my experience in italy (so far). by now i've done this sketch for Local Motors. take a look and tell me what do you think.


Fiat 8V 2011

Hello i know that i've already posted this design, but i wanted to impove it a little bit,

Ciao, and warm regards from Italy

Monday, September 22, 2008

When my computer died... Cuando murio mi lap.

Well guys after been off line for a while i'm back... but i'm going to tell why.

the history is something like this: One day, a normal day i tried to start up my PC... and suddently my computer couldnt start!!! obviosly my first reacction was....WTf!!

The cause> a F***** virus!!! created by an idiot... but thank goD!! the brother of my girlfriend; could reapair my pc... but he couldnt save my files; and now all i have are old files...

So, that's why after a week i'm back and, ill be in Turin by the first of October.... I hope!

Bueno pues estuve fuera del aire un rato... ok, una semana!!! pero en fin lo unico que me queda es relatar el porque...

Pues resulta que un dia comun y corriente trate de prender la compu, el chiste es que no queria encender, y total me aburri y se la lleve al hermano de mi novia.... pss total!

Y despues de una "operacion a corazon abierto" y de uno q otro cambio, volvio a la vida.

Lo malo es que toda mi informacion se perdio, (al fin no habia hecho muchas cosas nuevas...jaja)

Pero la verdad es que... que poka!! mdr!! che's virus! en fin ya se me paso el coraje y ahora a volver a instalar todo.

Ahh por cierto espero ya estar en Turin el 1 de octubre mas o menos si todo va bien..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My friend Luciano!

Hello guys, this time i'd like to introduce you Mr. Luciano Bove. and specially his blog with tons. of interesting stuff . like advices for this hard bussines of design, due his experience as a profesor is always nice to have some advice from someone who knows this field.

i'm also very thankful because, when i was looking for school; he saw my portfolio and recommended me some schools of car design, and well finnaly i got accepted at the IED Torino.

i'm also posting some usefull tips that i found on his own blog:

Hy friends,this image is a very good introduction to our topic of today: managing your time.To be a freelancer or a manager (in our case in Design) means first of all to learn how to manage your time and so yourself.In some specialized schools it is possible to receive some well done courses on management, so we have the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of managing certain priorities in order to accomplish a demanded result or mission. For example a complicated exam or a portfolio organization before interview.When we start to work as "freelancer" (I own my company) or as designer and later as design manager for someone ( Toyota, Fiat, GM, Honda,...) we learn mainly by experience of working. It is the day by day activity with all the annexed complications and unknown problems we face up discovering the real thing.In my career as design manager I have seen a lot of people getting lost simply because they did not apply some simple rules necessary to follow to accomplish the mission. It is impossible to keep the "artist designer" attitude, this naif way of living our life as designers too close to "utopia land".To be a real freelancer or design manager we must be realistic without loosing our talent and creativity. We start by learning how to manage our time to be disciplinated, to respect some rules that will lead us to a good work and result.I used to tell my students (some time ago...) " be manager of yourself, and you will become a manager". What does it mean?It means to start from our personal life, at what time do we get up? Do we eat healthy? (impossible to be productive with an heavy head), check emails and have an answear for the most important ones in a short time. I hate those that say " I receive a lots of mails have no time to check!" This is a stupid sentence, we will find the time and we will learn to give priorities.In a project we have priorities, too. Read well the briefing, understand the key values of it and find out a strategy to procede in the right direction. Find the time during the day to recheck your emails..you might have received interesting answears for your work.Take care of your networking within the company or suppliers, they could do a lot of good things for you if you keep good relations...Do not put too many meetings concentrated in few hours, better few a day and well distributed during the week, this will give the time to go back on your project for action after decision taking.Organize well your business trips, thanks to internet this is really easy. Take notes always (even sketches of proposed solutions), learn how to make an efficient reporting to give direct simple and clear instructions on what to do next. Learn to keep informed your boss about how you are moving on your strategy to make sure you both agree on it (save your ass!).Do not forget to find time for yourself during which work is "not" the topic , in other words find time to relax and enjoy life! Good luck!

An interview, (in italian) : http://www.castelsangiorgio.com/notizie/news303.htm
and of course the link of his blog: http://lucianobove.blogspot.com/

Ciao salutti a tutti!

A ya 26 dias del "gran" viaje!

Pues, ya solo faltan 26 dias para tomar el avion con rumbo a Turin! si bien. la emocion es INMENSA y la oportunidad de ir alla tambien es algo maravilloso, me he hecho un espacio para pensar en el monton de cosas que voy a dejar atras, familia, amigos, gente que ya conoces, lugares que ten gustar, dejar de ver al pachuquita jugar.... etc. etc... entre otras cosas, hacer que la relacion con tu novia sobreviva a base de puro messenger... :S pero en fin...

Querias disenar autos??? jaja alli esta! uno de los precios que se tienen que pagar por estar dentro de lo que podriamos llamar como: "la elite de la elites profesionales" y esto no lo digo, solo por hacer mas m@mon el termino de disenador automotriz, sino por que las cifras asi lo demustran ya que existen alrededor de 3000 disenadores automotrices en todo el mundo (unos mas unos menos...) trabajando para una compania automotriz.

Jaja, solo 3000 , probablemente esa sea la cifra de ingenieros que "solamente" tenga la NASA.!
en fin solo queda darle duro y tener algo de suerte!

Claro que en Mexico la cosa es aun mas complicada y hay mucho menos chamba, es por ello que algunos "disenadores automotrices" terminan haciendo kits aerodinamicos (cosa que no esta mal, por q yo tambien lo he hecho..jeje) o en cosas como diseno grafico, o POP, (point of purchase)

En fin. un saludo.

PD: espero q el 9 me den mi visa!!! ojala!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a great time in Monterrey...!!! 2007

Well, this was a long time ago (april 29, 2007) but i'm still very happy because thanks to this achivement i could get more experience and learn MUCH more; mainly because the prize was an internship at Airdesign http://airdesign.com.mx/newsite2/ (i'll writte something about AD some time latter)

The event in fact was called "3rd car design and engineering international congress" in Monterey Mexico (what a wonderfull city, and very nice people as well) and some of the speakers and judges were: Henrik Fisker, Daniel Mastretta, Humberto Ortiz, Sasha Lakic. Miguel Avalos and the president of the Latin American Car Design Association, Luis Fernando Rubio. (wish i can get in touch with him!)

So wen i saw the add of the congress i asked to my parents for some money.. :) and began to work in my entry for the contest, in fact i couldn't sleep very well those days because i was attending my finnal round of exams (high school, "voca 2") lol thru those days i got a lot of fun!

Two weeks later my design was finished and i send it ! ... and one week later i was in Monterey, immediately i felt at home, (somehow) sorrunded by petrolheads just like me, talking only about cars, cars... and cars... this was heaven!

That time in Monterey was unique, and i fully recommend that kind of events, (not only because i got the first place) because i meet a lot of people, and learn something from them, also because this kind of events "opens" your eyes and shows you how amazing is the world of car design.

This was my second participation in car design contest, because some time before i participated in another design contest organized by rigoletti, "houze of disign"?? and the sponsors of the Mexico's international Autoshow 2006 , finnaly i got the 3rd place. But what a very disorganized event! (*:*)



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Como empezo todo?/How did all started?

Bueno pues, dado que naci sin tener la mas minima idea del diseno automotriz, mis comienzos no fueron espectaculares, en verdad los dibujos que ahora adjunto son mas bien "chafas" y solo tienen espacio en el recuerdo por que la mera neta estan para llorar...jaja

Son testigo del proceso que comenzo hace ya..... casi 4 anios (21 de ago. 2004) en una pequenia platica dada por disenadores de Chevrolet, en la cual tambien hicieron un pequenio y rapido concurso para ver a quien le daban una beca para estudiar tecnicas de representacion con ellos.

Pues obvio a mis 15 anios saliendo de la secundaria, no me saque nada de beca.. (que esperenzas!) pero si, me di una idea de como es este negocio, asi como recibi unas cuantas palabras de aliento para no dejar de mejorar.

Asi pues un saludo a aquella gente que me animo, y que me dio consejos para no dejar esto, (donde quiera que esten)

Aqui estan las fotos de lo que hice para este pequenio concurso... 6to, de 25 chavos.... no esta tan mal.


Y voten por mi concept car!!


ahora unos anios despues.............................. mucho mejor no?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How life changes... Como la vida cambia.

Well guys, the people who knows me knows that after my intership at Airdesign i wanted to study Product design at the ITESM (tec de moterrey) one of the most expensive schools in Mexico. It isn't bad at all but probably -at least in design- needs more recognizement.

So... i went there, asked for the admission exam and.... i failed the exam!! dam!!.... thats why i asked to the IED... for somekind of help, of scolarship (because Europe is so expensive) and they gave me the option of a design contest :) the task;

Design for your idol. so i began to work in another Ferrari, (in fact is displayed at the top of the page) and is beautiful !!

Sometime later i send my entry card, and my design, and i've got a very good new!!

They accepted me with an scolarship of 80% for the first year.... great, but i still have to pay the ticket to get there, accomodation, meals, matherials....etc. etc.. visa. (so if you know of a job...lol)
anyway, is a great chance and ill be working so dam hard to probe that i really deserve this.

This is something sad at the same time, because at least in Mexico there isn't any decent school of car design, and i'll have to leave my country, my people, my friends, my girlfriend...
but at the same time i always wanted to be in Italy (specially Turin) and learn from the "masters".

My first entry in english,... the spelling is fine?. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hello everybody! / Hola a todos!

Pues, despues de haber hecho my cuenta de blogger hace ya un rato, y no haber publicado ni una entrada, por fin me decidi a publicar algo, si la primera entrada con la cual quiero mas o menos dar una intro de como va a ser el blog.

Aqui me gustaria publicar cosas o disenos, asi como las cosas que vayan sucediendo en la pequenia aventura que me voy a aventar de cruzar el charco e ir a Italia para estudiar (cosa que luego les platicare)

Asi es que en este blog encontraran o se podran dar cuenta de:

* Un apoyo para los que tengan mas o menos la misma pasion/locura que yo llamada diseno automotriz. ya que tambien su servilleta, fue/es un joven, con un ***** de ilusiones.
Asi que pueden pedir consejos, sugerencias... etc

* Alguien a quien caerle en Italia, (jejeje ni me he ido siquiera!... pero bueno.)

* Un lugar para enterarse de las tendencias, y nuevos conceptos que vayan siendo lanzados, los cuales destrozaremos, o alabaremos despues de analizar las fotos, (jaja, no hay lana para ir a hacer coberturas exclusivas... sorry)

* Me gustaria enfocarme mas a la raza, (lease: latinoamerica) ya que sitios de diseno automotriz en ingles ya hay varios, y hasta el momento no me he topado con alguno que tenga una vision REAL de lo que es diseno automotriz en una parte del mundo como es Mexico/Latinoamerica.

* Algunas entradas las voy a escribir en ingles, o espanol/ingles, ya que veces la globalizacion asi lo exije.

* Que mi compu no tiene la letra ( ñ ) y me vale.... jajaja no la pienso cambiar ... por ahora. :)

Por ahora es todo..

Un saludo,,, y Comenzamos!!